Sports presenter

Business events host


On the business side, I am Corporate Presenter and Facilitator.


I have hosted a wide variety of business events, from the serious in-depth interview style to the awards show. Eg: multichannel marketing campaigns ceremonies, banking sales conventions, business webinars,...


My role is, of course, to keep it all on time – politely but firmly.


On the sports side, I have over a decade experience in presenting sports, especially in tennis.


I have been a Stadium Presenter, Master of Ceremonies at 40 Davis Cup and Fed Cup ties since 2002 (off Court: hosting Draw ceremonies, drawing up running orders, staging and timing on-court ceremonies ; on Court: presenting teams, launching national anthems, synthetising and emphasizing players’ records, interviewing players).


Also English & French Voice at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 202°

Olympic and Paralympic Games


I am an International Tennis Referee, currently acting as Deputy Referee at Roland-Garros.

I gained valuable experience about the dimension of great big events and about how, beyond technical skills, interpersonal and behavioural skills are important.

My style as MC certainly results from his Refereeing style: discretion, self-control and no over-excitement.



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